Rehab Services


The goal of Physical Edge Inc. is to be the physical therapy and fitness provider of choice for the greater Davis area. This goal will be achieved by providing the highest quality of physical therapy and fitness services to the patients and clients that we serve. We place the highest emphasis on customer service and providing a safe, pristine environment where everyone is made to feel comfortable. Physical Edge specializes in orthopedic, spine, neurological disorders, pediatrics and hand therapy.

Initial Consultation:

Our comprehensive initial evaluations include a thorough intake and medical history followed by a detailed physical examination. After the examination, our therapists educate the patients on their findings and future treatment plan.

Follow Up Visit:

Our therapists use a variety of treatment methods to achieve maximal rehabilitative outcomes, including manual therapies (soft tissue mobilization, massage, joint mobilization), therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular reeducation exercises, aquatic therapy and sport-specific training. Patients are continually reassessed to ensure proper progression of the program.


Upon discharge from therapy, patients are put on independent exercise programs which can be completed at home or in a gym.

Additional Services:
  • Vestibular Physical Therapy
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Osteoporosis Classes
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Classes
  • Back training programs
  • Back to Health programs
  • Return-to-sport functional assessments
  • Partial Body Weight Support Treadmill
  • Ergonomic evaluations and trainings
  • Sport-specific training programs
  • Isokinetic strength testing
  • Functional Movement training
  • Golf Enhancement programs
  • Personal & Group trainings