Golf Program

Attention Golfers!

One of the newest additions to Physical Edge is our golf program. Our goal is to ensure you have a swing that matches your physical capabilities and ensures longevity for the game you love.

How do we do it?                                        We do not guess how you move;              We Assess!

We take each golfer through a unique & specific movement analysis, created by Titleist Performance Institute, to gain an in-depth knowledge of your body’s physical capabilities that tells us why you swing the way you do.

We then pair that information with a video analysis of your swing to identity what you do and more importantly why you do it. It’s called the Body-Swing Connection!

After your first session you will be given a fitness handicap, a video analysis with voice over narration of your swing, and corrective exercises to address the physical limitations causing any swing faults. Our intent is to have follow-up sessions throughout the year and during off-season to guide your progress.

To provide the best support, we can work with your golf professional and report our findings. This allows more effective coaching short term until your physical capabilities improve. If you don’t have a golf professional but are interested in finding one, we can certainly provide recommendations in the local area!

For those seeking a fitness program to improve their performance on the golf course, we offer golf specific fitness training to keep golfers playing at a high level. Stop the front desk of Physical Edge to sign-up or get more information. Stop the front desk of Physical Edge to sign-up or get more information.

Instructor: Daniel Lebe, PT, DPT, OCS

Daniel’s passion is in the game of golf and helping others improve and enjoy the game for as long as possible.  Daniel is certified through Titleist Performance Institute to evaluate golfers for physical limitations which can compromise their swing.  Daniel has advanced certifications in assessing and treating golf specific injuries and preventing the likelihood of recurrence.  He works with his clients and their golf professionals to address these limitations and create a more efficient and durable swing to promote game longevity.


Introductory PACKAGES

Screen & Swing Analysis and Follow up session with Corrective Exercises – $275

Follow-up sessions (45 min)-  Corrective exercises, Re-screening and Fitness

Single Session- $125 * PKG 3: $300 * pkg 5: $475 * pkg 8: $720